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Optimizing Ipython with Cython

I’ve been working on a project lately that does a lot of calculations based off of input data that’s being read in from Excel spreadsheets. For this kind of thing Jupyter Notebook/Lab and pandas are my tools of choice, but for this particular project I needed more speed than usual.

Live-cloning a running Linux installation to a new machine

Moving a Linux installation from one machine to another is actually relatively easy to do, but there aren’t many articles online that walk through the whole process.

Zero-assumptions ZFS, part 1

This is the first in a series of articles about ZFS, and is part of what I hope becomes an ongoing series here: the zero-assumptions write up.

Using the FileUpload widget in Jupyter Lab/Notebook

I’m a big fan of Jupyter Notebook, and an even bigger fan of the more recent Jupyter Lab (which just reached 1.0!), and for a recent project I wanted to use it as the “frontend” for some python number crunching code.

Neomux, or why you don't need tmux

Introducing Neomux As a long-time vim user, one of the things I’ve always been background level jealous of is the claim, sometimes made by our long-lost emacs brethren, that emacs is an operating system and vim is just a text editor.