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Lesser known FZF tricks

junegunn/fzf is one of my absolute favorite terminal productivity tools. It’s most common use is as a superpowered Ctrl+R (reverse isearch) to make finding and executing commands from your shell history fast and easy:

A tool to export Notion pages → Hugo-powered static sites/blogs

This post is about how/why I wrote notion-blog-exporter, if you just want to use it, go here. I want to write more than I do, and had been noticing that one of the reasons I don’t write that many blog posts is that it’s hard to get started.

Typescript-like enums in Golang

I’ve been learning Golang recently, and while Go’s ultra-simple nature is often refreshing it can be a bit limiting too. One Typescript feature that I found myself missing is enums.

Jupytext: The hack-free way to use Jupyter notebooks with git

As mentioned previously, I’m a big fan of Jupyter Notebook/Lab. That said, there is one thing that’s always irked me about working with Jupyter notebooks: Jupyter’s .

Optimizing Ipython with Cython

I’ve been working on a project lately that does a lot of calculations based off of input data that’s being read in from Excel spreadsheets. For this kind of thing Jupyter Notebook/Lab and pandas are my tools of choice, but for this particular project I needed more speed than usual.

Live-cloning a running Linux installation to a new machine

Moving a Linux installation from one machine to another is actually relatively easy to do, but there aren’t many articles online that walk through the whole process.