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Introducing - an easy way to download and run CLI tools on Linux and Mac without installing them

This post is about how and why I built nikvdp/1bin and it’s companion site If you just want to download static binaries of CLI tools, check out 1bin.

Introducing bbb - the easy way to build distributable CLI tools in Clojure with babashka and GraalVM

I’ve been spending the majority of my coding hours in Clojure lately and have really been enjoying it’s combination of brutal effectiveness, interactivity and general elegance.

Lesser known FZF tricks

junegunn/fzf is one of my absolute favorite terminal productivity tools. It’s most common use is as a superpowered Ctrl+R (reverse isearch) to make finding and executing commands from your shell history fast and easy:

A tool to export Notion pages → Hugo-powered static sites/blogs

This post is about how/why I wrote notion-blog-exporter, if you just want to use it, go here. I want to write more than I do, and had been noticing that one of the reasons I don’t write that many blog posts is that it’s hard to get started.

Typescript-like enums in Golang

I’ve been learning Golang recently, and while Go’s ultra-simple nature is often refreshing it can be a bit limiting too. One Typescript feature that I found myself missing is enums.

Jupytext: The hack-free way to use Jupyter notebooks with git

As mentioned previously, I’m a big fan of Jupyter Notebook/Lab. That said, there is one thing that’s always irked me about working with Jupyter notebooks: Jupyter’s .